Oud's Cafe and Bar

Great place run by the one and only Oud
Good snack food, good drinks and nice boys make this a wonderful place


    • Long running host bar but past it's prime
      I'm a frequent traveller to the Sunee Plaza area in Pattaya. Young cute boys here. This is actually a host bar/beer bar - should be recategorized from a restaurant. It is ok - somewhat quiet, pool table, but if you're looking for company, there are much better/busier options. The popularity of host bars is constantly changing. Sunee Plaza is a small neighborhood - just take a 5 minute walk around the race-track shaped street and stop in at the place that suits you best. Currently, cute boys in Duc's Bar. Or try the boy bars. Eros Boy Bar is the most popular, although Powerboys (formerly Mic My) has young cutie pies.