Duc's Bar and Coffee Shop

Great coffee, good atmosphere, regular quizzes and book and DVD sales
If you want a very different experience you can visit Ducs Bar and Coffee Shop. This is a low pressure establishment, where you're welcome to sit and have a drink without being pestered by boys. They have a good selection of drinks and coffees. it's a single unit bar, with a small terrace outside. Sit and relax in comfortable surroundings and look through the books in their bookshop. There is a daily book sale.


    • RichardsLifeCali
      RichardsLifeCali Over a year ago

      Popular Host Bar
      I'm a frequent traveller to the gay Sunee Plaza neighborhood of Pattaya. There are many host bars here. Duc's is currently popular. I know some of the boys here - buy some of them drinks and you will have friends. Like other host bars, the boys here are available to be taken out of the bar.