Eden Bar Formerly: Wan's Place

80% love it
Friendly host and good staff
This bar has just opened in Sunee. It's small and has a continental air to it. The decor is average, and the owner is Belgian. It has yet to establish a fixed identity, but can feel very nice on the right night


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      RichardsLifeCali Over a year ago

      Popular Host Bar in Sunee Plaza
      One of many host bars in the small gay Sunee Plaza neighborhood of Pattaya. I know some of the boys here. Friendly. . Buy them drinks and you will have friends. Try the sangsom whiskey - slightly sweet. Best with coke. As with the other host bars, the boys are available to be taken out of the bar.

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      slimrfun Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Typical Lounge bar
      The description for this place is accurate except for 'new'. Not a lounge person but I am sure it has its charm.